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Mālhar Institute of Music

Connect with your Fountain of Creativity

Music is the doorway to experience the divine in our mundane lives. It connects us all through the unseen thread of sound, creativity, and emotions. It has the rare ability to transcend the differences and divisions between us, bringing out the best of people: creativity, consciousness, celebration. Malhar Institute of Music, as an active member of the Indian Classical Music community, striving to embody these timeless and powerful qualities in everything they do. As Shakespeare beautifully quoted:

"When words fail, music speaks"

- William Shakespeare

Opting a Singing Style - General Info

Students can opt any singing style/s from North Indian Music. They get a chance to taste the learning in Guru-Shishya (Master-Disciple) tradition, in the contemporary setup. Though the fundamentals are same for all the genres available, yet it's important to have a clear direction in student's mind, which sometimes students have got already and most of the times we help them to uncover and prepare them for its unfoldment. They are encouraged and motivated to unblock their creative potential, which can bring joy and happiness at every level of their being.


Students learn Khayāl style of singing as main classical genre. Khayāl is a Persian word means 'imagination', 'emotion', 'deep thought' 'idea' or 'conception.

This style challenges the students to get in touch with the deep character and personality of Raga, which is the most fundamental entity of melodic expression, and express the emotions and creative imagination very elaborately. Learning to improvise in Khayal opens up many doors to other styles. In practice, any musical aspects this genre leave untouched, are close to none.


Classical & Semi Classical

  • Thumri

  • Tarana

  • Tappa

  • Sadra

Light Music

  • Ghazal

  • Indian Film Songs

  • Qawaali & Sufi Songs

  • Folk Songs.

  • Fusion with Western Music Generes


  • Bhajan Kirtan

  • Shabad Gurbani Kirtan

  • Ancient Sanskrit Chants

  • Hare Krishna (Iskcon) Chants

At Malhar Institute of Music, students mainly learn ‘Harmonium as an Accompaniment’ to the vocals. Right from the beginning, even young children learn Harmonium along with vocals training. With great results, we see everyone gets skilled at instrumental and vocals training together.

The majority of contemporary popular instrumental and vocal music is accompanied by the tabla as the primary percussion instrument. Students learning Tabla are initially taught to the instrument and its features. It is recommended that you sit up straight and arrange the tabla correctly. Step-by-step explanations are provided for the fundamentals of sound production from the various parts of both bass and treble drums.

Online platforms have made it easier for the students from all around the world to connect with the institutions or teachers who can cater in alignment with their specific needs. At Malhar Institute of Music, we accommodate all those students, who either live in different states of Australia or live overseas or live locally in Victoria but can't attend classes in-person. To find out more, feel free to Contact Us.

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