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My Sangeet Guru Ji Pt. Om Parkash Thapar.

Learning Vocals

Learning vocal music includes voice culture, training of different genres, utilization of theoretical concepts and application of rhythmic structures of North Indian raga music. Multi-dimensional approach is applied to learn and develop this skill to be able to comprehend the complexity of the Raga Music. Getting the quality of voice which is emotionally impactful and the ability to have better control on the pitch and projection of the voice at low, mid and high ranges, covered through the various exercises.

A genre specific, theoretical and practical aspects of the Raga are covered. Harmonium is used for the purpose of the initial training of pitch for the beginners. Tambura is introduced in the training when the students are ready to embark on advanced level understanding of the pitch, improvisation and elaboration of the raga. Ornamentation techniques are explored in depth.


Apart from Khayāl as a main singing style in Vocal Classical

Classical & Semi Classical

  • Thumri

  • Tarana

  • Tappa

  • Sadra

Light Music

  • Ghazal

  • Indian Film Songs

  • Qawaali & Sufi Songs

  • Folk Songs.

  • Fusion with Western Music Generes


  • Bhajan Kirtan

  • Shabad Gurbani Kirtan

  • Ancient Sanskrit Chants

  • Hare Krishna (Iskcon) Chants

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