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The Art of Tabla Accompaniment

Learning Tabla is a beautiful ongoing process, which requires great discipline and refined and innate understanding of timing, which has to be precise like any mathematical equation and at the same time must have to be very intuitive. 

At Malhar Institute of Music, the accompaniment aspect of the Art of of playing Tabla is the main focus of training. They get very balanced training so that they could develop the capability to accompany all classical, semi-classical and light music performers. 

Initially, Tabla students get introduced with Tabla and its features. Positioning the Tabla properly and a correct sitting position and posture is instructed. The basics of sound production from the various parts of both bass and treble drums are explained step by step.

Most of the students take some time to use finger tips properly on Tabla. Gradually the production of the basic sounds are learnt and fingers and arms muscles get used to the movements with a proper discipline. Right after that, combinations of bass and treble sounds using both hands simultaneously are learnt. Practice to accompany the singers or instrumental music, begins only when students are reasonably good at keeping the tempo stable and could play Taal cycles accurately for some time continuously. Everyone is welcome to taste of playing one of the most wonderful percussion instrument of the world.

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