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About Our School

Find your voice at Malhar Institute of Music. We are one of the best Indian Music Education providers in Melbourne. As Indian music has spread all around the world breaking the confinement of one region, culture or nationality, our faith is in inclusiveness of all regardless of their cultural or national backgrounds. Established in 2009, quickly we’ve become a leading training provider of North Indian Music, offering variety of singing styles, Harmonium accompaniment, for both, the self and others.

Along with Classical Vocals, we teach Tabla as a percussion instrument. Whether music is a hobby or you are a beginner, advanced or a professional trying to take your skills to next level, we can provide you with the training which can fulfill your desired needs and requirements of all the various levels.  From the very fundamentals of Indian Music, we can take you to the professional music industry to obtain sustainable careers. 

No matter you learn in a group class or one to one, all the training is customised according to the individual needs just the way it’s provided in ‘Guru Shishya Prampara’ (Master-Desciple Tradition). Right from the beginning, Notation System is taught as an essential part of the training, which is must to learn theory part, writing music and further up the skills to advanced levels. We speak English, Punjabi and Hindi languages. 

Students are inspired to set intentions to make every aspect of their learning presentable and refined. Focused practice and use of techniques to break the limitations not only in learning but also in their expression, is encouraged. The unconscious habitual patterns, which affects the learning and free flow of creative expression are analysed in very healthy ways, and students are advised to embrace the conscious approach to break free of them and to let their creativity flow freely. A non serious but sincere attitude, to keep mind focused and getting mind body coordination, is encouraged via various techniques. We pay extra attention for Voice culture for the students opting vocal classical and other singing styles. 

Indian music is essentially spiritual at its soul. So, qualities like mindfulness, training senses to optimise their finer functions, focus, patience, determination, being ambition free in here and now moment and respect for their teachers, parents and reverence for whole life are intrinsic parts of the training. Conscious and joyous creativity is our modus operandi.

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