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About the Tabla

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

The most prominent instrument used for percussion in North Indian Music is Tabla. Acclaimed Internationally, it has reached everywhere in the world breaking any boundaries of nations. It is considered to be the best percussion drum having exceptionally distinct attributes and tonal textures. In western music world it is known as Tabla drums. It wouldn't be an overstatement if we rank Tabla as the highest evolved and most sophisticated percussion instrument in the world.

Tabla is considered as ancient instrument but present day features are dated around 13th century A.D. Some anecdotes connect present day Tabla with Sufi mystic and singer Amir Khusro. Historically the popularity of the Tabla and its prevalence is linked to the advent and popularity of two

genres - Khayal and Thumri.

Tabla consists of two separate drums called Bayan (Left) Tabla and Dayan (Right) Tabla. Main portion of Dayan Tabla is made of wood and of left tabla is usually made of metals like steel, brass or bronze. Bayan Tabla is bigger in size and produce bass sounds and Dayan Tabla is smaller in size which produces treble sounds. The main sound producing sections, the heads of both Tablas are made of goat skin

Usually Dayan Tabla in tuned with the tonic of the scale used for the melody but could be tuned in other notes too which are harmonised with the tonic and are used in the melody. Tabla is played for both accompaniment and for solo performances.

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